“I will walk alongside you asking thought provoking questions to help you plan a structure for your own discovery and personal growth.”
Trisha Lanman
Licensed Life Coach CACLC

TLC Definition of Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a relationship between a client and a coach that is designed to facilitate the development of the client’s personal goals. This partnership will develop strategies to carry out a plan of achieving our objectives.

Life Coaching Areas of Focus

  • Mental and Behavioral health
  • Women’s Coaching
  • Marriage / Blended Families
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma and Grief

To be happy is a different proposition for everyone but one thing for sure, if you are clear on your purpose, eliminate negativity from your life, and have the tools and techniques to build meaningful relationships, happiness and fulfillment are achievable. In fact, all you need is a framework for determining your direction in life and an ally to help you get there. This is your life coach.

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Symptoms requiring Life Coaching
  • Are you overwhelmed? Stressed? Have Anxiety?
  • Do you have a dream to pursue, but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you where you’d like to be with your spouse, kids, friends, in-laws, co-workers, or blended family?
  • Do you need to build hope and trust in yourself or others?
  • Are you stuck in a certain mindset?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by life change?
  • Let go of the guilt, procrastination, perfection, and fear that threaten to sabotage your potential.
Let’s get started on discovering your full potential.